Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A healthier lifestyle

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Being healthy or obtaining a healthy lifestyle definitely isn't one of my strong points. Sure, I've tried making efforts before (hello New Years resolutions), but never quite stuck to it.. I am sad about that because I really really want to be more healthy! But then there's pizza.

But then there's also healthy pizza, right? Or at least healthy-ish.

What I think is important is that I won't try to switch to a completely healthy lifestyle, but will try to change it up here and there. If I would switch everything all at once, I just don't think that I will stick to it. But we can always work up to that of course :)

Recently I've been really trying my best to work out more, but I've got a post on this coming up in the next week or so. I drink two liters of water almost every day and I try to get a bit more sleep now than the usual six-seven hours. My biggest problem is the food.

I want to cut down on sugar. It will make me feel less bloated, I will feel way more energised and obviously it will benefit my skin (hooray). So no more Kinder Bueno for breakfast, no more crisps as a snack in front of the tv or whatever.

The reason I think why I'm more likely to go for the unhealthy option is because it just seems so much easier, it's ready in no time, and most of the time it tastes good. But I have been pinning away (as you do) and there are so many delicious looking alternatives! Let's hope they taste as good as they look, haha.

Are you a healthy eater? If so, link me to some recipes :)

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